Identifications Terms

History 2020 Exam 1 Instructions

Once you have completed your exam (using the Exam One Template) please submit your exam to D2L dropbox by the due date specified. Your submission will be checked for plagiarism through Turnitin software. No late submissions will be accepted.

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Identifications Terms
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Part I – Identifications Terms (50 points)

Drawing from the list of 15 and choose 5 to respond to on the exam. A complete response will include details of the term, the historical context, consideration of change over time (or cause and effect), and historical significance of the event/person/law. You will want to synthesize lecture notes, assigned readings, and homework or in-class assignments to construct your response. Any information that appears reproduced from Wikipedia, any website, or plain copies the text will result in a zero for this portion. Each ID term is worth a possible 10 points.


Fourteenth Amendment

Fifteenth Amendment


Plessy v. Ferguson


Family Economy


Knights of Labor


American Federation of Labor


Cult of Domesticity


Sherman Antitrust Act


Open Door Policy


Monroe Doctrine


Social Darwinism

Spanish American War

Philippine -American War


Part II – Essay Assessment (50 points)

Historians use primary sources to construct historical arguments. For your essay, you will need to marshal primary sources that you have read in class to craft an argumentative essay. Marshal as much evidence and be as specific as you can. Use 8-10 primary sources at minimum should be used for this portion. Make sure to use Chicago style citations to note the sources you have used.

  • “Never in the history of the world was society in so terrific flux [definition: continuous change] as it is right now,” Jack London wrote in The Iron Heel, a 1908 dystopian novel. In an argumentative essay, answer the following prompt: How had the United States changed in the fifty years since the end of the Civil War?



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