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Data replication provides a good example of a real-time data replication. IBM White Paper confirms that real-time data replication allows ensuring continuous high data availability in both heterogeneous and homogenous environments. Real-time data replication is crucial to perform reporting, interactive analysis and to ensure synchronised transactions. It helps to extract accurate insight, to support rapid decision making and to optimise resources.

Outline the utility of another option based on an error-correcting algorithm called erasure coding that is paired to object-based storage technique. Such solution is an alternative to data replication in a distributed environment. For instance, a data object (e.g., document with its metadata) is split into segments. Each segment is encoded and cut into slices that are stored on different servers. Thus, if some slices are no more accessible due to a disk failure, organisation can still reconstruct the original data. This solution reduces cost, consumes less storage and guarantees fault-tolerance repositories. However, it is not yet mature.

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IBM InfoSphere
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