Hyppocratic Oath

Choose 5 questions and answer them before Friday 3rd:

1/What does the Hyppocratic Oath requires of the physician ?

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Hyppocratic Oath
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2/What are 2 examples when confidentiality rights can be overruled ?

3/Who was Henrietta Lacks ?

3/What is medical paternalism ?

4/Is adequate disclosure the same thing as informed consent ?

(Truth Telling:)

5/how much doctors and nurses should tell their patients? In general, patients have a right to information needed to make good decisions.

6/Does this mean that doctors and nurses need to disclose every possible fact about a patient’s condition, or some procedure, or chances for recovery?

7/May they ever withhold or strategically delay giving such information to benefit the patient and bolster her spirits?

8/Is staged disclosure over time a desirable and justifiable strategy in many situations?


9/Can Jehovah’s Witnesses parents decide the fate of their child ?

10/Provider’s autonomy : What are the four considerations that are relevant to the question of whether a health care provider has a duty to help a patient who needs assistance in carrying out a decision, or whether that provider can ever justifiably refuse to help ?

11/Give 2 examples of medical material cooperation/ complicity.


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