HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT: Planning for Recruitment

Use the form templates provided for assessment 1 and complete the following tasks:

  1. You are the CEO of a company in Bahrain. Write one paragraph outlining what your business does. [About my company]

10 marks

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HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT: Planning for Recruitment
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  1. Choose ONEposition from the following list:

o   Computer Games Designer.
o   Fashion retail Assistant.
o   Call Centre Employee.
o   Fundraiser.
o   Beauty Salon Manager.
o   Health and Fitness Centre Manager
o   Events organiser.

  1. Write a Job Description for theselected position.                                     20 marks


  1. Write a Person Specification for the selected position. 20 marks


  1. Develop a Recruitment and Selection Plan for the selected position.


  • The Plan is made up of the following parts:

o   Recruitment Sourcing Strategy (including Working Page)                20 marks
o   Selection Tools (including Working Page)                                          20 marks
o   Job Characteristics Model                                                                  10 marks
Report Grand Total:                                                                                      (100 marks)
Marking Guide
The following table indicates what is being looked for by the assessor. It is required that you provide academic evidence that supports your decisions.  The recommended core text book for this course contains the information that you will require.

10 – 8.5
20 – 17
Task completed with only one or two minor errors.  Application of concepts is professional and highly relevant.  Meets workplace standards at a high level.
8.4 – 7
16.8 – 14
Task completed with no major errors, but several minor ones. Shows sound application and some in depth knowledge of the concept.  Meets workplace standards at a creditable level.
6.9 – 6
13.8 – 12
Task completed with no more than one major error (which is easily fixable), explanation and evidence is general showing basic knowledge level.  Would only just be accepted in a workplace.
5.9 – 0
11.5 – 0
Shows limited attempt at completion of task.
Documents  demonstrate limited application of knowledge
Explanations are missing or of limited quality with little supporting evidence.  Would not meet workplace standards

Grading:   Total individual mark                    (marked out of 100)    = 30%


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