How Will You Measure Your Life?

This is by necessity an individual project. Two of the key learning objectives for this course are to 1) learn about individual behavior and 2) learn about interpersonal behavior.   One subcomponent of interpersonal behavior is leadership. And yet one of the most difficult people to learn to lead is oneself; what I refer to as “that guy or girl that we see in the mirror every morning.”


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How Will You Measure Your Life?
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As leaders of organizations, we frequently participate in strategic planning wherein, we document the organization’s values, purpose, mission, and strategy.  In this project, you will reflect upon and document your personal values.  You will think about your purpose and propose a mission.  You will develop a life and career strategy based on your own strengths and weaknesses.  We will effectively answer for each of ourselves, the question that Harvard Professor Clayton Christensen asked of the HBS class of 2010, “How will you measure your life (Links to an external site.)?”

The good news is that there are no wrong answers because only you can answer these questions for yourself.  However, the bad news is that nobody can give you the answers either.  Your grade on this project will be based on the level of thought that you put into it.  This type of reflection can positively affect the trajectory of your career and your life.  You will get out of it, only what you put into it.   Carpe Diem!

Essay format with text of 4-5 Pages, Double Spaced, 12 point font.


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