How was Data Collected (methodology)?

1.  Cut and paste the paragraph below that describes the methodology and HIGHLIGHT the indicator words that specifically show you the methodology :

The methodology entails application of experimental procedures.

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How was Data Collected (methodology)?
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“In this section, we build binary classifiers for detecting smart Ponzi contracts, and we perform an experimental evaluation to study how the new features of Section IV impact classification and the quality of the obtained classifiers.”

2. What were the findings? Cut and paste the paragraph below that describes the findings and HIGHLIGHT the sentences that specifically show you the summary of findings:

The results showed that it is possible to assess and effectively classify cryptocurrency fraud from a credible investment.

“The two populations present a different behaviour for what concerns the input transactions (Tx_in): the plot of the cumulative distribution presents a very different shape. Typically, smart Ponzi presents a small number of input transactions with few exceptions with many transactions. The same happens for features Investment_in/TX_in, Payment_out/TX_out where smart Ponzi generally present larger values than the other class. We expect that these features provide the classifier with a relevant contribution to discriminate between the two classes”


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