How to Write a Research Proposal

The conduce of a scrutiny overture is to inoculate the academic sympathy that you accept:

1. attested a or-laws tenor

2. a methodological vestibule to acquitted-up the tenor

3. a realistic spell reach to full the purpose at cool expenses

1. General Advice

 Length: betwixt 5-10 pages (insufficiency 2000 say)

 Proper layout: typeface, length spacing, consideration of solution, page total  Be acquitted, pregnant, and bearing in your writing! 2. Name Page

 Personal grounds: spectry, academic name (if ry), pose at your possess university, limit of origin, association, production and settlement harangue including phone enumerate and e-mail harangue

 Name of intentional disquisition → pregnant, acquitted, and understandable  Scrutiny area (e.g. Political Science) 3. General Overview of Scrutiny Area and Literature

 Short and coercionmal overview of the prevalent particularize of scrutiny allied to your scrutiny purpose

 Spectry the most influential contributions of other scholars

 Acquittedly point-quenched an unreserved tenor, which accomplish be the prompting coercion your purpose.

4. Citation The scrutiny overture has to be written by you. Any passage/ judgment from another origin or constructor has to be unexceptionably cited. Plagiarism accomplish upshot in disqualification!

5. Key Scrutiny Questions and Objectives This individuality should organize the affinity and appreciate of the designed scrutiny and absolve the scrutiny effort! → What do you indicate to furnish quenched? → What are your objectives? → What is the affinity of your scrutiny coercion your academic scene? 2

6. Methods (most influential and longest individuality of the overture)  Provide constructive advice on the theoretical/methodological reachproduction that accomplish be used in your scrutiny: → How do you indicate to repartee your scrutiny questions? → What origins accomplish you canvass? → What analytical techniques/ methods accomplish you habituate? → How accomplish you accumulate the required grounds? → How abundant spell accomplish you want (timetable)? → Are there anticipated difficulties or incorporeal issues in accumulateing the required grounds?

7. Tentative Spellconsideration (consideration coercionmat)  Give advice abquenched the scrutiny phases and the spell required coercion each phase

8. Scrutiny Bibliography → Schedule singly publications that you accept used coercion drafting your overture! → Use late publications! → Do referable vision bibliographies from other papers! → In contingency influential publications are referable adapted in your settlement country, schedule them individually and mould acquitted that you had no turn to interpret them.

9. Text Editing  Check style and spelling!  Check that name and willing correspond!  Accept someone among the academic sympathy proofinterpret your overture in ordain to mould believing it conforms to interdiplomatic academic standards

10. Checkschedule ☐Consideration of Solution ☐Abstract ☐Introduction to the General Topic ☐Tenor Particularizement and Justification of the Scrutiny Purpose ☐Hypothesis and Objectives of the Study ☐Literature and Scrutiny Review ☐Scrutiny Method(s) ☐Grounds Accumulateion, Analysis and Evaluation of Grounds (tentative scrutiny) ☐Analysis of Texts and Documents ☐Expected Upshots of the Study ☐Bibliography ☐Appendix, e.g. Considerations, Graphs, Questionnaires, anticipation. ☐Timeconsideration


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