How to Make Smart and Unbiased Decisions.

Project #1: How to make smart and unbiased decisions.

Although everyone should make regular decisions and adults must be well prepared for this, in fact, the decision-making process is not so easy to implement.

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How to Make Smart and Unbiased Decisions.
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  • How to increase the probability of successful decisions?
  • How to avoid biases and cognitive traps?
  • How people can train themselves to improve the decision-making process?
  • How great leaders make their decisions?

You can try to answer to some of these questions in your presentations. In order to prepare your presentation, please, pick up one article from the syllabus.


The paragraph I need to write is the third point in the article Two tests of decision readiness

A 280-word speech

One page slide about Two tests of decision readiness




Are you ready to decide? By Philip Meissner, Olivier Sibony, and Torsten Wulf



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