How to Become a better Leader

Concepts and Practice is designed to help the reader understand how to become a better leader. While the book is grounded in leadership theory, it describes the basics of leadership in an understandable and user-friendly way. Each chapter focuses on a fundamental aspect of leadership, discusses how it can be applied in real leadership situations, and provides a relevant profile of a leader.

Perhaps the most notable features of this book are the four applied activities included in every chapter, which allow the reader to explore leadership concepts and real-world applications:

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How to Become a better Leader
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Case studies illustrate the leadership concepts discussed in the chapter. At the end of each case, thought-provoking questions help the reader analyze the case using ideas presented in the chapter.

Self-assessment questionnaires help the reader determine their own leadership style and preferences. Students may want to complete this questionnaire before reading the chapter’s content. By completing the questionnaire first, the reader will be more aware of how the chapter’s content specifically applies to their leadership tendencies.

Observational exercises guide the reader in examining behaviors of leaders from their own life experiences.

Reflection and action worksheets stimulate the reader to reflect on their leadership style and identify actions to take to become more effective.


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