How Technology is used in the Administrator’s Job

Assignment 5

Before you can complete the Field Experience Report, you need to arrange an interview with a school-based administrator. The topic of the interview will be how technology is used in the administrator’s job. You can conduct the interview in person, by phone, or by email. Take notes during the interview and write up the report. The report will have information from the interview as well as your reflections on the experience. Be sure the narrative for the questions is in substantial paragraphs. Include research to back up your opinions.

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How Technology is used in the Administrator’s Job
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Field Experience Report – 10 Points

Step 1:
Questions to ask the administrator:

  1. What formal or informal training have you had in the use of technology?
  2. What administrative software do you use?
  3. What processes do you use to analyze data to help student’s achievement?
  4. How does the school use social media?
  5. How often do you use presentation software when conducting meetings?
  6. What did you do to transition to online learning during the pandemic?
  7. Will any new processes used during the pandemic continue with face-to-face learning?
  8. How do you use technology to support student learning for high-stakes testing?
  9. What type of long-range planning does your school or district have for technology replacement?
  10. Do you see student improvement with technology integration in the curriculum? Why or why not.

Step 2:
Write the paper by reflecting on the administrator’s responses to your questions.

  • Use the question stems as paragraph headers. (Do not simply list their responses but reflect on the significance of the information.)
  • Use substantial paragraphs, APA citations, and references to share the insights that you gathered from the interview.
  • Be sure you have at least three (3) references.

In addition to answers to the questions to the administrator, including the following:

  1. Indicate how this interview has affected your ideas, opinions, and plans for utilizing technology in your role as an educational leader.
  2. How the answers from the administrator compare to your course readings. (Be sure to cite and reference any sources you use).
  3. What suggestion(s) would you make to the administrator to enhance their technical knowledge or use?

Paper Requirements:

  • FCE title page
  • Body of text 4-5 pages
    • Use references
    • Write in a scholarly manner
    • Proper pagination
  • APA/ FCE format reference page with at least 3 references
  • Make sure your format is correct

Paper Outline:

  • Introduction
  • Narrative of the responses to the interview questions [Use questions stems as headers]
  • How did the interview affect your plans for utilizing technology?
  • How does your administrator compare to course readings?
  • What suggestions would you make to the administrator?
  • Conclusion



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