How suitable is their data for CC?

Cite it in APA Format. Write two paragraphs of seven sentences each, answering the question below


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How suitable is their data for CC?
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Paper Review: An academic paper from a conference or Journal is provided. It contains a usage of Canonical Correlation. Review the paper and evaluate their usage of Canonical Correlation. In particular, address (Predictors of Subjective Wellbeing in Students of Medical Sciences: The Role of Orientation to Happiness and Life Goals)

a) How suitable is their data for CC?

b) How are they applying CC? What two groups of variables are being correlated? Are they metric, ordinal, nominal?

c) What methods do they use to judge the quality of the correlation? Do they evaluate, and how do they evaluate the stability of the components?

d) How many correlates do they concentrate on in their analysis, and do they attempt to interpret the correlates in terms of the original variables?

e) What conclusions does CC allow them to draw?


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