How Humans Seem to Process and Produce Nouns Slower than Verbs

Consider the following topic for this week’s journal entry:

Read this New Yorker article (Links to an external site.) on how humans seem to process and produce nouns slower than verbs. Next, reflect upon your own language usage, particularly in your native language(s). Do you think about nouns more than verbs as you speak? In which ways, if any, do you notice a difference? Do you think it is the same for languages that you learned later in life? In which ways are there similarities and differences?

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How Humans Seem to Process and Produce Nouns Slower than Verbs
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  • Post your initial post by Thursday of this week. Your response should be 100-150 words in length, and you should connect the elements in the journal topic to our course in some way. You should also include your personal experiences, tying them into the course.
    • You won’t be able to see anyone else’s post before you write your own—and that’s on purpose. Use this time to reflect on your experiences. Remember that there are ‘no wrong answers’—so long as you use the information that we have learned thus far in the course to your work, then all is good!
  • Between Friday and Sunday, please reply to at least two of your colleagues’ posts. Useful comments include engaging in dialogue, reflection, or suggestion. If you find that you agree with a given response and have nothing else to add, then I challenge you to reply to someone who has a different perspective than yours, and explore the differences.
  • Optional: If you have any helpful resources, feel free to share them in your posts/replies.


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