House of Representatives

The majority rules in the House of Representatives. Either the Democrats or the Republicans will control the House of Representatives. As there are an odd number of representatives in the House, it follows that there is no way there will be a tie in the House of Representatives.

All mollusks are invertebrates. Snails are mollusks, so snails must be invertebrates.

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House of Representatives
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Michael Jordan is the best of all time. I don’t care if Kareem scored more points; I don’t care if Russell won more championships. The simple fact is that no other player in history displayed the stunning combination of athleticism, competitive drive, work ethic, and sheer jaw-dropping artistry of Michael Jordan.

The heat will escape the house through the open door, which means the heater will keep running, which will make our power bill go through the roof. Then we’ll be broke. So stop leaving the door open when you come into the house.


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