“Hometown” Report Guide

For this assignment you will write a well-organized 2-3 page essay about your “hometown” (this
can be where you grew up, where your family now lives, or where you currently live). To submit
this report follow the instructions on the class Blackboard page in Module 5.
This essay should include a clear introduction that sets up a central theme, 4-8 paragraphs that
relate the detailed material you include in the essay, and a clear conclusion. Include geographic
examples, and provide ideas that reflect both positive and negative aspects of your hometown. It
should be more about the place, than the people in that place.
It should be typed in 12 pt. Times New Roman font double spaced with standard margins. You
should discuss selections from your collected data in the essay to support your ideas.
Please include considered answers to the following questions (in any order):
1) What is the “personality” of your hometown? (tough, playful, boring, vibrant,…?)
2) What do people do for a living there and where do most of the residents work?
3) Is there a sense of “community” there? Why or why not?
4) What do you dislike and like about your hometown?
5) Is your hometown going to be a better place in 20 years? Why or why not?
6) What is the physical environment like there? Is it beautiful or ugly or …?
7) What are some of the special places in your hometown?
8) What makes your hometown unique? Or commonplace?
9) If you were in charge what would you do to improve your hometown?
After the conclusion of your essay list a few basic demographic statistics about your
hometown (not part of the 2-3 page essay).
To do this data collection follow these instructions:
 Access the “American Fact Finder” community level data site using the link provided in
Module 5.
 Find 3 different data facts that you think are relevant to the points you want to make
about your hometown.
 In the essay, discuss what you think this data reveals.
 List this selected data at the bottom of the report.

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“Hometown” Report Guide
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