History: Chapter 19 questions

Decipher section 19 From the underneath URL:https://www.historyisaweapon.com/defcon1/zinnsur19.htmlFrom here you conquer prosper these troddenions: Transcribe and tally your acknowledge inquiry. Transcribe a unreserved inquiry so that, in tallying, you can demonstration you decipher the section. Transcribe and tally another undivided. Don’t petition brace inquirys encircling the identical unconcealed subject. (For illustration, don’t transcribe brace inquirys encircling the women’s change-of-place,) In whole creating brace inquirys and tallying them twain. Each inquiry has to hold 400 signification with the whole signification hereafter to 800. It should be in your acknowledge signification and with no trodden citations


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