Hiring Non family Members

There will be times when the better decision may be to hire a nonfamily person for a particular

job. Experience has shown that a family business is less likely to be successful if it employs only

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Hiring Non family Members
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family members; bringing in the fresh thinking that comes with external expertise can be

valuable at all levels of a business. [12] In addition, nonfamily members can offer stability to a

family business by offering a fair and impartial perspective on business issues. The challenge is

in attracting and retaining nonfamily employees because these employees “may find it difficult

to deal with family conflicts on the job, limited opportunities for advancement, and the special

treatment sometimes accorded family members. In addition, some family members may resent

outsiders being brought into the firm and purposely make things unpleasant for nonfamily

employees.” [13] Because it is likely that a growing family business will need to hire people from

the outside, it is important that the business come to terms with that necessity. Policies and

procedures can help with the transition, but the most important thing is to prepare the family

culture of the business to accept a nonfamily member. Not surprisingly, this is much easier said

than done.


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