Hip Replacement Surgery

1. The two most severe postoperative complications of a total hip replacement surgery are:

a. Deep vein thrombosis and fracture

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Hip Replacement Surgery
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b. Deep vein thrombosis and dislocation

c. Dislocation and fracture

d. Infection and deep vein thrombosis

e. Falls and fracture

2. Restricted motions following a total hip arthroplasty include:

a. Passive hip extension past 0° extension

b. Any motion out of the resting position

c. Active or passive hip flexion past 90°

d. Active or passive abduction past 30°

e. Active hip extension past 0° flexion

3. Cumulative trauma results in a tendon injury that is known as:

a. Acute traumatic injury

b. Subacute injury

c. Overuse injury

d. B and C only

e. None of these


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