Heat of neutralization

The paper should be 3 pages about enthalpy of reactions. You should write about how it is determined (calorimetry). There is more than one method, and you may pick just one or more than one and compare. Be sure to define enthalpy, calorimetry, and any other terms you use. The paper must be a full 3 typed pages (not including references and title page if you use one), meaning it has to go onto the 4th page, and it doesn’t need an abstract. It should have at least 3 college level references (i.e. not Wikipedia!) that you have researched. Your text, notebook, and lecture material can be used, but they will be in addition to the other 3. The list of references is in addition to the 3-4 pages, not part of them. You should go to the library and/or our online library to find good sources. The library staff and tutoring center can also help you if you’re not sure what a college level reference is or if you need help. Make sure you reference all your sources within the paper (use APA style). write everything in your own words – do not cut and paste from the internet. That is plagiarism!

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Heat of neutralization
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