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  •  MAIN DETAILS: Aims: Through this assignment you will compare the roles of various allied health and human services professionals in supporting the health (ILO 5), wellbeing and social inclusion of people with developmental disabilities, and demonstrate sound writing skills that are appropriate to various media to communicate your critical thinking (ILO 6). To address these aims, you are asked to consider goals that could be included in an adult NDIS participant’s plan and how various health and human services professionals could support this person to meet these goals. Your assignment will reflect key principles of the NDIS. You will express your ideas clearly, using person-first language. For the forum contributions, you will follow netiquette and forum discussion guidelines (Links to these documents are in the Start Here folder)
  • a. Describe the NDIS and how it contrasts to the previous welfare model of supporting people with disability and reflects the social model of disability (see the videos and readings in Week 6). (Under the Heading – The NDIS)
  • b. In relation to the story about Suzie, who are the most appropriate people to attend the planning meeting, what key issues would be discussed, who decides on the final goals for Suzie and who decides on the supports she receives? (Under the heading – The Planning Meeting)
  • c. In thinking about what you have learned about Suzie, suggest 3 goals that might be included in the plan. Provide your reasons for suggesting these as possible goals. (Under the heading – Setting Goals)
  • d. For each goal you have identified, consider. the types of supports needed to achieve them, ii. identify possible professionals who Suzie may pay through her package to help achieve them, iii. your reason for suggesting each type of support or any professional suggested. (These should be under the heading Support to Meet Goals)


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