Health Promotion Across The Lifespan

Assignment: Using the Drug Guide

25 questions: 25 points

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Health Promotion Across The Lifespan
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· Read pages 1-7 of the Davis Drug Guide. Refer to these pages if you need additional information or clarification of abbreviations, terms, or nursing process. You will also need to refer to the Appendices.

· Using your Davis Drug Guide, complete this worksheet. Questions 1-25: 25 points total, 1 point each.

Locate the information for the drug alendronate for questions 1-7.

1. List the (a) generic and one (b) U.S. trade name. a._______________b.________________

2. What is the pharmacologic classification of this drug? ___________________________

3. What is the therapeutic classification of this drug? ______________________________

4. Name one indication for this drug: ____________________________________


5. What is the action of alendronate? _____________________________________________


6. Identify the most commonly occurring side effect: ______________________________

7. List one contraindication for this drug: ________________________________________

Locate the information for the drug epinephrine/Adrenalin for questions 8-10.

A patient receives a subcutaneous injection (subcut) dose of epinephrine/Adrenalin at 8:00 am.

8. What is the onset of this dose of medication? ______________________________

9. When does the medication peak? _______________________________________

10. How long does it last in the body? ______________________________________

Locate the information for the drug ondansetron for questions 11-12.

11. Identify one life-threatening adverse reaction:

12. What is the desired outcome for this medication?

13. On what schedule is the transdermal drug fentanyl/ Duragesic? _____________________

14.-15. Locate the information for the cardiac medication: diltiazem/Cardizem

14. What kinds of foods/beverages should not be taken at the same time as diltiazem?

15. Why is this food item avoided?

16. When administering the drug digoxin/Lanoxin orally to geriatric clients, what are the initial daily dose parameters?

Locate the information for the drug cyanocobalamin/Vitamin B12 for questions 17.-18.

17. The healthcare provider prescribes cyanocobalamin/Vitamin B12 for an adult to treat a hematologic condition. How is this drug metabolized and excreted?

18. What route(s) can cyanocobalamin/Vitamin B12 be administered?

19. The healthcare provider prescribes baclofen/Lioresal for a patient with a musculoskeletal condition. What is the half-life of this medication?

20. What is the antidote if there is a warfarin/Coumadin toxicity or overdose and anticoagulation needs to be reversed??

Reference the drug: aspirin for questions 21-24.

21. Describing ketorolac as a nonopioid analgesic is identifying one of its _____________________________________ classifications.

22. To state that aspirin manages mild to moderate pain and fever is identifying its __________________________________________________________________________.

23. Its therapeutic effect is to __________________________________________________.

24. It accomplishes its effect by its action which is __________________________________.

Multiple choice question:

25. The mother of a pediatric client asks the nurse, “What’s the difference between Advil and ibuprofen? I can buy children’s’ ibuprofen liquid at a cheaper price, but the clinic’s instructions say to use Children’s Advil Liquid.” The nurse responds to the question using which appropriate statement:

A. “There is no difference between ibuprofen and Advil.”

B. “You should contact the healthcare provider to clarify this discrepancy.”

C. “Advil and ibuprofen are two different medications but have similar effects.”

D. “The instructions from your clinic are to be followed exactly without substitutions.”


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