Health Program

A health program is a totality of an organized structure designed for the provision of a fairly discrete health-focused intervention, where that intervention is designed for a specific target audience. By comparison, health services are the organizational structures through which providers interact with clients or patients to meet the needs or address the health problems of the clients or patients. Health programs, particularly

in public health, tend to provide educational services, have a prevention focus, and deliver services that are aggregate or population-focused. In contrast, health services exist exclusively as direct services. Recognizing the distinction between health programs and health services is important for understanding the corresponding unique planning and evaluation needs of each.

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Health Program
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History of Health Program Planning and Evaluation The history of planning health programs has a different lineage than that of program evaluation. Only relatively recently, in historical terms, have these lineages begun to overlap, with resulting synergies. Planning for health programs has the older history, if public health is considered.


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