Health Intervention Model

Mental health is one of the imperative modifiers of concentration and performance among college students. Hence, the use of a health intervention model will be essential in my study as it will provide a blueprint to understand and address the issue of mental health among students. It will also guide the formulation and implementation of selected interventions (Hagger et al., 2020). Therefore, this study will utilize the Health Belief Model. The model will be customized and tailored to be in congruence with the study population and the health behavior in context.

The Health Belief Model will be used in my study as it provides a modality to promote health and mitigate disease-causing behaviors among populations. In addition, this theoretical model will be most appropriate in defining the key factors influential to behaviors affecting mental health in this study population (Hagger et al., 2020). The model will assist in delineating the key factors that affect mental health; such the individual perceived susceptibility to suffering from a mental health issue, perceived severity, perceived barriers to initiating action, exposure to support systems that promote health, and self-confidence in the ability to deal with a mental health issue and not relapse.

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Health Intervention Model
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In conclusion, the health belief model will be used to design short-term and long-term interventions to promote mental health. This will entail assessing the students at risk, understanding the different risky behaviors associated with mental health, and providing channels to communicate with the students on the mechanisms to promote mental health (Zaidlin et al., 2020). This model can also be used in combination with other models. In so doing, the researcher will ensure the depth and breadth of the study gets achieved.


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