Health Inequalities and Health Inequities Unit Lesson In this unit

We will discuss health inequalities and health inequities in the United States. Specifically, we will discuss what the health inequalities and health inequities in the United States are, how they are measured, possible ways to reduce them, and the ethical issues raised. Health inequalities and health inequities that exist have an overall negative impact on health outcomes. In the United States, health disparities exist for various reasons such as socioeconomic status, gender, ethnicity, race, and geographical region Health disparities are gaps that exist between different populations who are at a social disadvantage because of social health determinants. However, since the 1980s, there has been considerable attention to the issue of health inequalities.

Health Inequalities and Health Inequities The term health has many definitions. One common definition is the absence of disease. More specifically, health involves certain indicators such as life expectancy, survival rate, morality, and disease prevalence and incident. Further, individual health status is often assessed in many different ways by researchers. Various populations have many drastically different health belief systems and definitions surrounding health. Health inequality is a descriptive term referring to the total variation in the status of health across a specific population of individuals or to a difference in health between two or more populations. Health inequalities usually include a comparison of population averages and inferences are made about the results. Health inequalities are variances between groups of individuals and populations. Health inequity is a normative term that deals with differences that society judges to be morally unacceptable. A health inequality is not always considered a health inequity, but there is a correlation between the two.

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Health Inequalities and Health Inequities Unit Lesson In this unit
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