Health Education Teaching Activity


The purpose of this activity is to help you understand the process of health teaching of patients/clients by engaging in effective assessment; identification of learning needs/issues associated with the learning experience; planning and implementing interventions and evaluating the effectiveness of interventions with a target client (using a family member or friend).

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Health Education Teaching Activity
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Note that this clinical activity is meant to facilitate the application of course content about health education/teaching—a common and significant Public Health intervention. Most clinical experiences in the Community/Population Health course typically involve some type of client contact which includes formal or informal teaching of minor to complex content.


Using course content sources at minimum, you will be able to:

  1. Construct a health teaching/lesson plan for a single client, based on the following:
  • a thorough assessment of a client’s learning needs and barriers/facilitators of their learning,
  • appropriate selection of relevant and effective teaching/learning strategies, and
  • application of concepts using a common health promotion model and/or learning theory.
  1. Demonstrate implementation of the plan in video format.
  2. Evaluate the success of implementing the plan.
  3. Document this activity in a formal written paper.


Course Outcomes: 

This activity aligns with several of the course outcomes as stated below:

  1. Demonstrate critical thinking through analysis and interpretation of assessment data and the development of individualized health education solutions.
  2. Demonstrate the use of culturally appropriate and effective communication techniques.


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