Health Education Presentation

The final module of this course!! In this module, you will create a health education presentation for the high school students addressing the multiple concepts we discussed in the past modules related to your previously identified country.


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Health Education Presentation
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Assume the role of a county health department director. Create an educational PowerPoint presentation for your local high school students about your selected country from the M2-M8 assignments. Your PowerPoint presentation should be 10-12 slides (not including title and reference slides) and educate the students on the following issues related to your country:

  • Communicable Disease (Module 2)
  • Non-communicable Disease or Mental Health Disorder (Module 3)
  • Unintended Injuries and Violence (Module 4)
  • Child and Adolescent Health (Module 5)
  • Nutrition and Water Sanitation (Module 6)
  • Health Inequities and Inequalities, and Equal vs. Just (Module 7)
  • Health and Wellness Reasons to Limit Environmental Regulations and Restrictions or Laws (Module 8)
  • Future collaborations and use of science and technology to address public health situations in this country (Module 10)

Your goal is to educate and engage the high school students about global health. Construct a creative presentation with narration and speaker notes. Remember that these are high school students, so the tone and language should be understandable and appropriate for this audience.


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