Health Care Manager’s Role in Improving Cultural Proficiency

Part 1: In reading Chapter 14 of the Buchbinder and Shanks (2017) text you now have a broad overview of a health care manager’s role in improving cultural proficiency and the important role that administrators can serve in creating a positive change. Additionally, as read in Turnock (2015), one of the U.S. Public Health Agencies discussed was Indian Health Services or IHS, who are federally responsible for providing health services to American Indians and Alaskan Natives. Unfortunately, this agency has been severely underfunded, consistently overlooked, and publicly ridiculed. All of this has led to the significant marginalization of our countries native populations.

In addition to the two chapters you have read, read Terry Anderson’s brief 2009 article titled “Native Americans and the Public Option (Links to an external site.)” and view the following two short films:

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Health Care Manager’s Role in Improving Cultural Proficiency
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The recommended video by Billy Mills shows Billy Mills, a powerful figure in the American Indian community, expressing his goals of increasing feelings of empowerment within the community.

  • After reading this information and viewing the videos, conduct a search identical to the ones you did for the Health Service Agencies assignment to explain
    • The role that Indian Health Services (IHS) is supposed to serve in the greater health system.
    • The year they were established/created.
    • Their 2015 Fiscal Budget.
    • The relationship they have with local health offices (In your explanation of the chosen agencies interactions with local health offices, explain the mechanism of this interaction and its frequency).
    • The approximate number of employees.
    • The estimated size of the population they serve.
    • How your chosen agencies were impacted by the Affordable Care Act.
  • After presenting your initial research, answer the following:
    • How does the budget compare to that of other agencies?
    • How does the number of employees compare to other agencies?
    • In your personal background, whether that be through race, religion, or orientation, have you ever seen/experienced marginalization at this level? There is no wrong answer, the idea behind this question is to spur your emotions so that ideas for real improvement can be offered. What methods in your experience could be offered to increase self-empowerment in this population?
    • Explain in your view, supported by outside sources, what has gone wrong with Indian Health Services in terms of caring for and treating the population it was created to serve? What role can you see public health providing to this population given their notable health issues (Note: Native Americans lead the United States in rates of alcoholism, depression, suicide, diabetes, and unemployment).


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