Hadith Methodology

I have provided the reading, please only use that


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Hadith Methodology
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All of your answers must be in your own words. Don’t copy text from the books. Don’t copy text from external sources.

3- Explain the different meanings of the term Hadith and Sunna and how they differ from each other (see Chapter 1). (Length:3 well formed paragraphs)

4- Explain the difference between the terms Islam and Iman. Do not list the articles of Islam or Iman. The question is about the difference in their function in the life of a Muslim according to the Hadith.(Length:2 well formed paragraphs)

5- The Hadiths on intention has a story about a man who migrated for the sake of marriage as compared to the one who migrated for the sake of God. Is the former’s action blameworthy and why? (Length:2 well formed paragraphs)


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