Guidelines for the Legal Brief Writing Assignment

Guidelines for the Legal Brief Writing Assignment

Legal Brief Writing Assignment and Presentation  (100 points total): Write one legal (case) brief (4-5 typed pages each) based on a U.S. Supreme Court Case assigned by the instructor.  Please note this is a TURNITIN assignment. Turnitin is designed to help students avoid engaging in plagiarism and academic dishonesty.

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Guidelines for the Legal Brief Writing Assignment
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U.S. Supreme Court Case Written Opinion Assignment: Healy v. James (1972)

Written Legal Brief (100 points)

Legal briefs provide a summary of cases appearing before the U.S. Supreme Court. This assignment will give students practice in reading and analyzing a real-life case pertaining to legal aspects affecting student affairs, in particular, and higher education, in general.  Students will learn how to assess and communicate the: a) facts, b) issues, c) rationales, and d) judicial opinions of Supreme Court Cases impacting student affairs practice in higher education.  Students will be provided specific guidelines for writing legal briefs and a sample legal brief in the learning module associated with this assignment. Also, this assignment will follow APA, 6th edition style. Students should ensure that the paper is reflective of graduate-level writing with correct grammar, writing mechanics, and organization.

This document provides information on writing a legal brief and contains a sample legal brief at the end of the document.

US Supreme Court Written Opinion, Healy v. James (1972)

Attachment: “Healy v. James 1972”

The US Supreme Court Case that students will use for this assignment is Healy v. James, (1972). Students may access a copy of the written opinion of this case at this link. The opinion was taken from the OYEZ website, which provides transcripts of the oral arguments for the US Supreme Court. Students are encouraged to visit this website and listen to a portion of the audio from the actual case.



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