Group Wiki Project.

Reflect on your experience so far in starting the Group Wiki Project. Describe how your group initiated contact and your level of comfort in working on a project with a group online. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of completing this project as a group.

Submit your Assignment (2–3 pages).

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Group Wiki Project.
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Please provide a reference page and references throughout the paper.

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My experience have been great so far in starting the Group Wiki Project. Me and my group members work collectively as a team. One of the group members are in Japan and which she is in a different time zone from the other group members. However, as a group we manage to meet weekly that is comfortable for everyone schedule. We meet weekly on Thursdays at 6:30 PM Eastern Standard Time Zone. My group initiated contact via school email. I was not originally comfortable working on a project with a group online because of the difficulty I have experienced with past group collaborations online. However, so far my group makes me very comfortable to work with. Everyone in the group does their part and makes the group collaboration even more comfortable.


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