Group Psychotherapy

discuss some of the benefits and limitations of group psychotherapy. Explain the importance of identifying ground rules when you work with groups. Identify at least one type of therapy and a specific therapeutic skill appropriate for a group therapy setting. Respond to the post of at least two of your peers and identify a specific group you would like to lead in your future practice. Discuss your target population and how you would screen and recruit participants. Provide examples of the types of therapeutic interventions you would use and explain how they would be beneficial. Share why this particular group is meaningful to you.


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Group Psychotherapy
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Supply and demand analysis aids health care leaders in ascertaining the effects of changes in policy on service lines that impact a community’s health (e.g., whether to expand existing services or perhaps close services). Identify and evaluate publicly available tools that provide data and assist in formulating the basic shapes of demand and supply curves. Communicate and elaborate on the relevance of these economic indicators in terms of pricing.  Evaluate and comment on the social-cultural implications of value-based care.


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