Group Conflict Management

Group Conflict Management

Pay particular attention to the conflict-management styles that are listed and discussed in your text this week. Also, find at least one source that describes how to work with conflict-management styles. Consider your conflict-management style and an example of when you have exercised this style. Your conflict-management style and example will be the basis of the presentation that is the deliverable for your initial post to this discussion forum.

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Group Conflict Management
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Research working with conflict-management styles and locate a source that describes ways to work with your respective conflict-management style or another management style.

In a PowerPoint presentation of 4-6 slides:

  • Identify and briefly describe your personal conflict-management style.
  • Explain how to work with the selected conflict-management style mentioned above.
  • Describe your example regarding the exercise of the style you selected.
  • Include an audio dialogue (role-play) of a manager exercising an effective conflict-management style with co-workers, friends, or family in a simulated conflict. This audio should be 1-3 minutes in length and should be presented with commentary.


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