Grey-Box Testing

Grey-box testing is aptly named, as an attacker has more knowledge of the inner workings, but less than total access to source code. Grey-box testing is relatively rare outside of internal testing.


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Grey-Box Testing
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Software applications operate within a specific environment, which also needs to be tested. Trust boundaries, described earlier in the book, are devices used to demarcate the points where data moves from one module set to another. Testing of data movement across trust boundaries from end to end of the application is important. When the complete application, from end to end, is more than a single piece of code, interoperability issues may arise and need to be tested for. When security credentials, permissions, and access tokens are involved, operations across trust boundaries and between modules become areas of concern. Verifying that all dependencies across the breadth of the software are covered, both logically and from a functional security credential point of view, is important.


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