Greek civilization

In about 4pages, respond to the following topic for your first writing assignment:
How do you explain the development of such an extraordinary civilization by the Greeks? Do you think much of the credit belongs to some sort of Greek "spirit," or were geographic factors more important? Should Greek civilization be considered superior to Near Eastern civilizations, or simply different? How do you evaluate this?
When submitting your assignment, please observe the following guidelines:
Use 10, 11, or 12 point font-Times New Roman, Arial or Courier
Double-space with one inch margins
Quotes should constitute no more than 10 percent of the document.
You should follow MLA or APA style guidelines. A submission that does not follow one of the two guidelines will be automatically penalized 25 percent. In-text citations of sources and a works cited/bibliography are expected. The works cited/bibliography is beyond the 4-5 pages.
Plagiarism detection is employed through use of <> . Where cases of plagiarism are detected, a zero will be assigned for the assignment and the situation may be referred for University disciplinary action. Resubmissions will not be allowed. Emailed submissions will not be accepted or scored. ALL submissions must be done through the Dropbox before the deadline date/time. Also, all submissions must be done in MS Word file formats doc, docx or Rich Text Format. Any other format will be scored as a zero.

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Greek civilization
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