The Great Gatsby Final Paper Prompts

This documents includes the prompts for three different papers. Each paper will earn you the same credit and will have the same requirements. The three types of papers are:

  • A synthesis essay in which you use sources to argue your point of view on a given issue

This may be best if you feel successful writing arguments using sources

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The Great Gatsby Final Paper Prompts
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  • An analytical essay that examines, interprets, and explains the meaning of a text, including the author’s use of writing strategies

This may be best if you feel that you understand the text of The Great Gatsby and the author’s
use of language/writing strategies

  • A persuasive or argumentative essay that supports, refutes, or qualifies an opinion expressed in a statement or a brief passage

This may be best if you have strong opinions about Gatsby as a character and want to try something
more AP style
All papers must meet the following requirements:

  • A title that connects to the ideas presented in the paper
  • Correct MLA citations
  • At least five full pages in length
  • Times New Roman font, size 12
  • 1’’ margins on all sides


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