Graphic Design Style

What is your graphic design style?

The goal of this introductory assignment is to set aside some time for you to do visual research and consider new ideas you can bring into your work this semester. It will also give the class time to work out any issues with Adobe software. No software is needed for this first assignment.

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Graphic Design Style
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It’s extremely important for every designer and creative person to be looking at new things all the time. That’s where we can get new ideas. But it can be hard to know where to look with so much out there online and on social media. So, I have created a document of links for you to use to find three images that have something that you would like to bring into your work. For example, you may like the bold colors of one example or the intricate type of another. Feel free to search anywhere you would like, or look at artists you already know. My list is just a start.

You will download or screenshot 3 images. Then crop or otherwise clean them up so that they can be posted on the class blog. (located in the same column as the weekly projects to the left.) You will post all three images and add a description about what caught your eye to each one. I have made an example post. Feel free to comment on other posts too.


  1. Find 3 images that you feel represent the kind of design/work that you would like to make, or that appeals to you. Include them in your blog post as jpeg images.
  2. No more than ONE can be from a video/anime/comics, etc.
  3. Try to find some new things that you didn’t know existed!
  4. For each image, briefly explain why you chose the image, why it appeals to you. Make reference to the principles of art and design.
  5. Include citations for each.


Here are some places to look:

General design blog:

SVA Alumni/Student Portfolios:

Product design/packaging (we’ll return to this later in the semester):

Design blog run by a Paris design studio:

Font focused:

Visual Identities:

Japanese design history:

Adobe Create online magazine:

General design blog:

Tons of all types of design:

Thinking about color:

Website design:


Clean, modern, Instagram-like design:


Next group has links to individual designers.

Designers: (or find your own)

Neon colors/Broad City:

Type forward design

Motion Graphics:


Oddball colorful animation:

Conceptual, colorful design:

Lettering Artist:

Shantell Martin, B&W line drawings:

Contemporary, Old School:

Carlos Basabe, illustration:

Clean vector illustration:

I <3 NY designer:

Design studio (book covers etc.):

Illustration/ 2D Animation:

Vector Illustration agency:

Children’s Book Illustrator:

Fancy fonts:

Graphic Design / Print:

Sophia Yeshi, colorful, Brooklyn:

Chip Kidd (Book covers):

GIFs 2D animation:


Colorful complex vectors:

Lo-fi 2D animation:

Warren Coltrane/ALL CAPS:

Graphic Design:

Colorful Illustration:

Design/Smart Type:

Adrian Franks:

Jenn Piatkowski, logos branding:

Graphic Design:

Obama’s portrait painter:

Graphic Design:

Colorful Illustration:

Design/Art Direction:

Civic Design/Social Justice:

Vector Illustration:

Visual Identity / Branding:


Humorous graphic design:


Design Icon:

Book Design:

Street Art:

Branding and Design:

Colorful Type:

Book Design/Direction: https://helenyentus


Book Covers:


Hand-lettering, complex line art:


Contemporary, retro fonts:

Colorful Illustration/flat color:

Graphic Design/text:

Contemporary Retro:

Lettering, logos:

Graphic Design:

Big-name Design Studio (lots of designers):

Art Direction/Layout:

Ben Currie, Illustration, Brooklyn:

Intricate lettering:

Colorful, cartoony:


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