Good Understanding vs Good Decisions

In any negotiating setting, it is important to get a good understanding of the situation. If you do not have a good understanding, chances are good, you will not make good decisions. Consider what is being demanded by the flight attendants. Is this reasonable? How do you know? For example, when considering pay, how much does this airline earn annually, how many assets does it have, and can they afford to pay their employees? What is the pay scale for other airlines for this position, and how do they compare? Remember that when considering another organization, it is important to compare an organization that is similar in size (for the sake of the article, you can just compare all airlines in the comparison regardless of size). What are the skills needed to do the job satisfactory? What are the working conditions? How much does the company need these employees? How much do the employees need to the company? These are just a few things that must be considered when going into a negotiation, and these topics apply to many types of negotiating settings.

As you summarize the article based on the template, integrate these thoughts in your summary.

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Good Understanding vs Good Decisions
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· Based on the pay figures noted in the article, how much are the workers earning per week?

· Considering the statement from the article that is below in dark blue, how much are the employees being valued? Consider pay, working conditions, etc. Go online and find flight attendants that work part time at other airlines or find an industry average regarding pay. Then compare the amounts.

According to the article and a Piedmont spokesperson, “We’ve worked the front lines of the pandemic, and we can no longer afford to work at Piedmont,” said Keturah Johnson, president of the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA Local 61. “And this is the thanks we get — to continue to stall our negotiations.”

New hires making about $19 an hour, for seventy-two guaranteed hours per month, earn an average base pay of nearly $16,500, according to the union. Flight attendants in their fifth year have an average base of $24,287. That does not include other factors that can boost pay, like flying additional trips.”

If the organization is wanting to find a solution for this bargaining situation, why did talks break off when the pandemic hit? Didn’t the employees keep working?

Consider what the flight attendants are asking for? It is more than pay. From a management perspective, would you consider a trade off? From an employee perspective, do you see anything you would be willing to trade off? For example, the employees are willing to forego the free flights in exchange for more money and more benefits.


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