Goal Setting

1. Be able to explain strategies you can use for goal setting.

2. Embrace strategies on how you can effectively deal with change.

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Goal Setting
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Goal Setting

Our emotional intelligence is the cornerstone for career success. Part of self-management

is knowing ourselves and being able to set goals based on understanding our own needs and wants.

Many people end up adrift in life, with no real goal or purpose, which can show lack of self-management.

Some people are happy this way, but most people would prefer to have goals that can set the direction for

their life. It is similar to going on a road trip without a map or GPS. You might have fun for a while, going

where the wind takes you, but at some point you may like to see specific things or stop at certain places,

which creates the need for GPS. What happens if you have been driving aimlessly for a while but decide

what you want to see is five hundred miles back the other way? A goal would have helped you plan the

steps along the way in your trip. Goals are the GPS for your life. Research done by Locke et al. in the late

1960s shows a direct connection between goal setting and high achievement. [1] One of the most popular

methods to setting goals is called the SMART philosophy.


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