Global Warming & Climate Change


One major term paper on any specific environmental problem(s) or environmental issues approved by the instructor is required. Each student is to independently research his/her topic. The term paper should be 10- 12 pages typed, double spaced, and well written with correct spellings, punctuation, etc., and at least 8 references (excluding class textbooks) from any combination of books, sociological/social science journals, periodicals, and internet/online sources. Your paper should begin with an abstract (i.e., a concise summary of the paper). Study the format of the articles in sociological journals for guidance in structuring your own paper. The referencing style used in the following journals: American Sociological Review, Society & Natural Resources, Rural Sociology, and Environment & Behavior,

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Global Warming & Climate Change
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Each term paper should have a table of contents and an abstract and conform to the following
structural format:
Abstract (i.e., a brief summary of your paper: 150-200 words)

I. Introduction
a) ​Aim(s), purpose or objective(s): (i) primary objectives & (ii) secondary objectives

II. ​Substantive sections: (may be organized as follows):

​Literature review
​Theoretical frameworks, major perspectives, hypotheses/propositions, controversies, etc.
​Empirical information–secondary data, content analysis, socio-historical data, etc.
​Interpretation–presentation and discussion of tables, charts (if applicable), content analysis or other qualitative materials.
​Major findings and Discussion
​Limitation of your study

Topic= Global Warming & Climate Change


Ocean and Climate Change


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