Ch. 10: Talent Management in Anglogold Ashanti. (2013). In S. D. Bluen (Ed.), Talent management in emerging markets, (pp. 231-258). Randburg, South Africa: KR Publishing.

Retrieved from EBSCO eBooks in the Trident Online Library (click on “Additional Library Resources” under the library search box on the TLC course home page. Then click “EBSCO eBook Collection.” Type the title of the book in the search box).
Case Assignment

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After you have read about Anglogold Ashanti in Chapter 10 of the Bluen book, please respond according to the following:



Create an artistic visual that shows five of the most important challenges of global talent acquisition specific to this employer and rank them in importance to their business success. Your visual can be a colorful chart, a flyer, or drawing, as long as it is in a format that is accepted in TLC. The use of color is encouraged for this assignment.

Then discuss in detail the top issue (#1) and your bottom issue (#5) and explain why you ranked them as you did. Your submission will likely contain two documents—the artistic visual doc and a Word doc.

Finally, look up the company/industry in each of the following:

IBISWorld (under library search box on TLC page, click “Additional Library Resources,” then click IBISWorld and search by company or industry).
Company’s website
Locate two high-quality articles related to challenges of global talent acquisition (conduct a research in the Trident Online Library about concepts in this assignment, such as expatriates, repatriation, ethnocentricity, and geocentricity. Peer-reviewed high-quality references are found in the online library).
Review what you have learned from your research in a-c above, especially as it updates the case information in Bluen’s book. Also bring in Chapter 3 of the Bluen book to strengthen your submission.

Provide an introduction and a conclusion, cite sources, and include a References page.


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