Global Supply Chain Strategy

HBS 610-022: VF Brands: Global Supply Chain Strategy.

The objective of this Discussion Forum is to compare thoughts on what you learned from the situations detailed in the case study.  You can also choose a question from the case form to start your discussion

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Global Supply Chain Strategy
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  • Must begin with a quotation from the case study (with page number);
  • Must have at least 300 words (not including the required quotation) with proper spelling and grammar;
  • Must include your explanation of how the quotation address one of the Meta-themes (see the syllabus for the meta-themes chart)

The following criteria will be used to evaluate your responses to other students:

  • Must have at least 150 words (not including the required quotation from the other student’s post);
  • Must address something specifically mentioned in the other student’s post in an appropriate and relevant manner.


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