Global Strategy Position

After reading chapter-10&11 from the attached textbook answer the below questions based on understanding and in own words.

APA format must and strictly no plagiarism.

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Global Strategy Position
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  1. The chapter notes that global strategy can change over time for a firm. YouTube is one example in this chapter. Conduct a Web search of a firm you know to be operating internationally and determine its current global strategy position. How long has the firm stayed with this approach? Can you find evidence it had a different global strategy earlier?
  2. The chapter describes the role of culture in the successful implementation of strategy. Consider an employment experience of your own or of someone you have observed closely (e.g., a family member). Describe to the best of your ability the values, norms, and artifacts of the organization. What was the socialization process of embedding the culture? Do you consider this to be an example of an effective culture for contributing to the organization’s competitive advantage? Why or why not?


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