Global Context

This assignment is a scavenger hunt in a global context.


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Global Context
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Step 1. Go to certain sites, see, or find related graphics or videos, find supporting or contradicting information on points of interest and topics. Personalize your research. Find out what you want. Be creative

Step 2. Collect them all in a file, comment on them, Title. Who are the 1% that control the world?


1. Research the richest people. In your country or another country, and in the world. You could choose to do it by industry too. Like richest farmer in Texas, or richest women in the U.S. A. Look also at how they hide their money and power in Foundations like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, or the Clinton Foundation…..

2. Read the following blurb on the richest man in Brazil/Switzerland. Your goal is to become an investigator/paparazzi/troll of at least three of these fabulously wealthy and influential individuals and families. Who are the Rockefellers, or the Rothchild’s, or the Omidyar’s, yes we know who runs the world/controls the media, but where are the Zuckerberg’s, Bezos etc. Look at a bunch of them, ( a bunch is at least a dozen) focus on at least three.

3. List them. Remember that rich oligarchs like the people who control China, or the true power brokers are behind the scenes. It is very rare to have someone like Donald Trump (an actual minor league billionaire) get into government directly. They usually are the scions of some powerful family

4. How do they compare with the statistics of some of the small countries or economies? Do you think these people can influence local, state, or national or global politics (like Oprah or Larry Ellison in Maui County, or Hawaii?)

5. Research the case of Joanne Kroc, how could she have been so determined?

6. Try to find out about how Billionaire’s escape/survival strategies. Their Billionaire club escape places redoubts, where they will hold up next year, or next year, when the global economy crashes and the plagues continue.

7. Upload graphics/pics


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