Global Citizenship: Responsibility to the Environment

Introduction to Global Citizenship
Assessment overview: Essay (Argumentative)
This assessment is worth 30% of your overall mark and due in week 13.
Write an argumentative essay that relates to topics from week 10, 11 or 12, including: Responsibility
to the Environment; Responsibility to non-Human Animals; Responsibility to Indigenous People &
Cultures. Support your argument with relevant, credible evidence.
A: Advanced work–high standard in this area.
G: Great work overall—above average in this area.
M: Moderate work – average, competent in this area
S: Satisfactory work—meets requirements at a basic level in this area.
U: Unsatisfactory work—more work needed to reach a suitable standard in this area.
Content: Development of ideas &
(6 marks)
Topic & Focus:
• Relates clearly to one of the set topics.
• Approaches the topic in an original, creative or innovative way.
• Defines and explains key terms and concepts clearly, as needed.
• Recognises and explains the significance of the topic to its broader field-shows a full understanding of the chosen
• Focuses on key ideas and discusses them coherently.
• Builds logical, concise argument focused around the thesis statement.
• Acknowledges counter argument, supports with evidence and successfully disputes for purposes of the essay’s
• Focuses on the key line of argument-avoids diversions and irrelevant issues.
• Substantiates argument with accurate and relevant evidence from credible academic and professional sources.
• Engages the sources comprehensively-level of detail indicates sufficient research on the topic.
Research: Sources & Referencing

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Global Citizenship: Responsibility to the Environment
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