Gift-Giving and Exchange

Question 1 2 pts

The section, Gift-Giving and Exchange in Chapter 2 of the textbook, says which of the following?

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Gift-Giving and Exchange
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Group of answer choices


Anthropologists can give gifts to the people they are studying.


Gift-giving is never acceptable in an anthropological project because those to whom you do not give gifts in a community will feel cheated and may work against your research.


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Question 2 2 pts

Scenario: An anthropologist encountered a tribal village that had not previously been studied by anthropologists.  He found that the members of the village had an extremely unusual trading system, but he was afraid to tell them that he wanted to study their economic pattern, for fear that it would change their behavior.  Instead, the anthropologist told the tribe that he was interested in their marriage patterns, but he secretly observed and recorded the details of their system of trade.  He later published a report about their trading system, but never let the people in the tribe know that he had done so.

Based on the section, Ethics and Collaborative Research in Chapter 2 of the textbook, did the anthropologist follow the ethical guidelines of anthropology?


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Question 3 2 pts

The section, Ethics and Collaborative Research in Chapter 2 of the Miller textbook indicates what two historical events influenced the creation of the anthropological code of ethics more than forty years ago?

Group of answer choices


The American Civil War and the Cold War


The Vietnam War and the effort to use anthropolgical data to influence political leadership in South America.


The Great Depression of the 1930s and World War II.


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Question 4 2 pts

Which of the following is not listed as a technique for selecting a topic for a research project in the section, Project Selection in Chapter 2 of the Miller textbook?

Group of answer choices


Focusing on an applied or “real life” problem to produce usable results for a governments or other institution.


Reading previous research reports to see where there is a gap in anthropological knowledge.

Having your faculty adviser tell you what you must research.

Using a current event, such as the AIDS epidemic as a focal point for a study.


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