Getting the Qualification Appointment

Getting the Qualification Appointment
This assignment can be viewed as a lead-in to your final sales presentation which will be
presented in a formal manner. At this point in time you have sent a sales letter to your
prospective customer and scheduled your sales presentation. You have obtained information
regarding the customer requirements and the needs that will be addressed during your final
presentation. You have selected your presentation method and your approach technique. You will
now discuss these factors along with the content of your sales letter and how your prospective
customer responded. Be prepared to discuss your sales letter in front of the class on the
assigned date and be prepared to discuss the following topics:
1. Your name and what you intend to accomplish.
2. What is your product and what company do you represent?
3. Is your product a tangible good or is your product a service?
4. Identify your customer and your prospect including any relevant information regarding
secondary decision makers (group influences).
5. The sales presentation method you will be using and why you have selected this method.
6. Which approach technique you have selected and why you have selected this technique.
Keep in mind the three following approach techniques:
a. Statement
b. Demonstration
c. Questions
7. When you have identified your selected approach technique explain how you plan to
execute a smooth transition into discussing your product.
8. Discuss your Sales Letter and how this letter attracted positive interest on the part of your
prospective customer and resulted in an appointment to present your product.
9. Discuss how you plan to close the sale

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Getting the Qualification Appointment
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