Gender Socialization

  • What is the role of socialization in women’s and men’s “choice” of occupations and how do these relationships affect sex segregation and the wage gap?


Gender Socialization is the process by which certain roles or traits are given to each gender, thus influencing the careers options available to certain genders or expectations of what kind of work each one would do.  An example of this could be the idea that women are more passive and are not direct enough to lead a business.  This often times requires women to take on traits/emphasize traits perceived as “masculine” in order to operate in fields that are dominated by men.  In my own workplace, I’ve seen some examples of management deciding which gender should work certain positions.  Our office has one receptionist.  Whenever this receptionist needs to take her break or asks for days off, others have to come in and cover for her.  So far, they have obligated almost all women in the office to do this role from time to time, but I have not seen any men sent to the front.  My theory is that due to the gender socialization, women’s softness is deemed as more welcoming.

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 Gender Socialization
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