Gender Inequality

Raymond Wilcox

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Gender Inequality
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Historically, the media as always played a part in gender inequality.  The gender inequality in the media has been in all forms of the media such as films, music videos, tv shows and commercials.  Years ago, I remember seeing an advertisement of Coke Cola products in a magazine in which it was basically saying if you drink Coke Cola products ten you could land a hot chick.  It showed in the first picture a guy drinking another soda product and e was alone wit no girlfriend or should I say no attention from girls.  The second picture showed him drinking Coke Cola and now all of sudden he had multiply women draped over him.  Another issue with commercials and the gender inequality is that alcohol is usually associated to men being masculine or cool while women are usually the reward for them while being in that role.  Alcohol commercials are continuing to expand and exaggerating a reflection of the gendered norms (Hall & Kappel, 2018).


Hall, G., & Kappel, R. (2018). Gender, Alcohol, and the Media: The Portrayal of Men and Women in Alcohol Commercials. Sociological Quarterly, 59(4), 571–583.





The film business has long been known to have an gender inequality issue. There has always been a huge wage gap between men and women in the film industry.Women are greatly underpaid compared to men.”The film industry has been in a dispute over the wage gap disparity in Hollywood. Over the past few years, the nation has centered its focus on the acknowledgment of gender inequality. In the entertainment industry, films influence their viewers through the screen. People involved in the film industry are coming together to ensure that all genders, races, sexual orientations, abilities and issues are given equal opportunity within all aspects of a workplace, especially film. Hollywood is no exception to the issues of wage disparities across the many professions, and many actresses and actors are openly fighting for higher pay and equal representation.”(Wage gape still exists within film industry. (2018, October 3)) It is now more of a focus however, there is still more progress that needs to be made.

Amanda Coughlin


Wage gape still exists within film industry. (2018, October 3). UWIRE Text, 1.




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