Gender discrimination

PART 1: Question, thesis and outline
1. Wri te out your fi nal research questi on.
2. Wri te out your fi nal thesis.
3. Wri te out the three maj or poi nts of your topi c that i s addressed i n your thesis
PART 2: Annotated Bibliography
For your Annotated Bi bl i ography you wi l l cite and annotate FOUR sources:
1. Al l sources shoul d relate to your topic
2. Your sources shoul d consist of four different source types: CSM ebook, CSM schol arl y arti cle, CSM
non-schol arl y arti cle (magazine or newspaper), and webpage.
3. Al l sources except the webpage must come from CSM databases (excludi ng Googl eSchol ar – thi s i s not
a CSM database and you cannot use i t to ful fi l l a CSM resource requi rement).
4. You can use your approved ebook from Assignment 2 and your approved scholarly article from
Assignment 3. Read the feedback from these assignments to make sure that they were approved.
Pl ease read the feedback you got on your AB DRAFT careful l y and make suggested changes.
For each required resource include:
An MLA 8 citation
An annotation. Provide an explain in your own words how the source supports your topic, what information it provides that
helps you answer your research question or supports a part of your thesis. Be thorough and precise. (100-150 words minimum)

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Gender discrimination
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