Discussion 1 question

What role does gender play in policy, treatment, and punishment of criminal offenders? How does gender influence delinquency and criminal behavior?

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Classmate 1 post

Gender does play an important role in understanding the overall behavior and treatment of criminal offenders. In general, females are much different than their male counterparts and when it comes to the crimes they engage in tend; they also tend to be different as well. According to the textbook, females tend to be convicted of property crimes, like fraud and larceny (Mays, 2018). In comparison to men, women commit less crimes, are less violent, and are less likely to be professional criminals. Many of the crimes women commit are non-violent and have to do with their economic status and can result from their dependency on needing to survive, such as theft, prostitution, and drugs. Women who are incarcerated normally have a history of some type of hardship or abuse which led them into crime. They may suffer mental, emotional and physical ailments that differ from a male and it is also plausible that they are leaving behind children, or are currently pregnant while jailed. All of these issues factor into how a female inmate may behave and be treated differently than the average male inmate. In society, women are viewed as more vulnerable than men and many times they are committing victimless crimes that only hurt themselves in the long run.


Classmate 2 post

Gender does play a role in policy, treatment, and punishment of criminal offenders. Studies have shown that females are less likely to be arrested and incarcerated than males. While the numbers have increased steadily over the years, females are still arrested less often than males. Okada & Sardina (2018) said “An overview of girls’ arrest patterns reflects the themes found in the portraits of official delinquents and is a logical starting point in discussing key themes in girl delinquency. In 2015, girls were most frequently arrested for larceny-theft, a property offense that, as we shall see, for girls means engaging in shoplifting. Girls also were arrested in large numbers for running away from home, an offense for which only juveniles can be taken into custody. Finally, a large numbers of girls, particularly in recent years, were arrested for the seemingly nontraditional girl offenses of simple assault and disorderly conduct” (p. 96). Studies have also shown that of these females arrested and incarcerated that the most chronic have been victims of abuse, either physical or sexual, and they are also more prone to substance abuse. Males are shown to be arrested and convicted of more violent crimes and crimes involving robbery. Mays & Ruddell (2018) said “The literature on offenders in the criminal justice system shows that it is a man’s world. Men commit and are arrested, tried, convicted, and incarcerated for the majority of crimes in the United States and most industrialized countries” (p. 155). I think that both males and females are at risk for delinquent behavior due to peer pressure, but that females outgrow it sooner than males. I also feel that a lot of males turn to criminal lifestyles in order to support their families because they feel that they have no other choice.








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