Gantt and AON Diagram

Gantt and AON Diagram (Figure 6.4 in Project Management Toolbox)

Network diagramming is a logical, sequential process that requires you to consider the order in which activities should occur to schedule projects as efficiently as possible. Remember that all projects have predecessors, or activities, that must/should occur before the next step within a project plan can take place.

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Gantt and AON Diagram
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Using a project scheduling application, complete the following:

  • Construct a linked bar-chart and an AON diagram for the schedule shown in Figure 6.4 of the textbook. Your schedule must include activity relationships, too. Please note that a Gantt chart that shows activity relationships is called a linked bar-chart.
  • Then, insert your network diagrams as appendices in a one- to two-page paper, in the main body of which you identify the steps you took in creating the linked bar-chart and AON diagram.
  • Document your lessons learned.
  • In your narrative, also explain why the project calendar may impact the project end date.

Instruction for Use of Project Scheduling Applications

To complete this assignment, feel free to use any project scheduling software to which you have access. The Program does not mandate the use of a particular software application; therefore, you can use any application that has proper functionalities, including Microsoft Office products such as Excel. Here are some project scheduling software options:

1- Microsoft Project (Links to an external site.): If you choose this option, you need to purchase the application. Trial versions may be available for a limited time (less than 30 days) or might be not available at all. LinkedIn Learning (Links to an external site.) includes many educational videos on Microsoft Project.

2- Primavera P6 (Links to an external site.): A trial or educational versions might be available. Please note, however, that the process of installing P6 is time consuming.

3- You also have the option to use ProjectLibre  (Links to an external site.)as an open-source project scheduling application (preferred) or any of the open-source applications recommended at the following link: Top Five Desk Top Open Source Project Management Tools. (Links to an external site.)

4- To draw a precedence diagram only, you can use (Links to an external site.) (look for PERT under the Business category of charts)

Irrespective of the computer program you choose, instead of submitting the native files, you need to insert a snapshot of your work into your submission or convert what you’ve developed using the computer program to a PDF file, and incorporate that as an appendix to your submission.


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